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At the suburb of Toenning with the historical harbour, is our campsite located on the peninsula Eiderstedt. With beautiful shops and taverns, Toenning also offers a heated swimming bath and the "Multimar-Wattforum" an adventure centre where you can explore the varity of the wadden sea.

Just a few miles away you can explore the "Katinger Watt". That unique wadden sea landscape offers a home for many kind of birds. To explore these different kind of bird species is not only interesting for bird watchers, also the interested walker will enjoy that.

You can book wadden sea hikes at the nature centre "Katinger Watt" (Lina Haehnle Haus). You will find the link below.

The islands, "Halligen" and seal benches or to the deep sea fishing are arrived by ships.

Just 15 min to drive is the known sea resort "St. Peter Ording" with his large sand dunes and the dune thermae, the bath paradies for every kind of weather. For every surfer is St. Peter Ording an absolutely must.

To explore the landscape by bike you will find a splendidly constructed bicycle lane net and offers a varity of possiblilities for sightseeing. Also we like to invite you just to relax, because to spend holiday on Eiderstedt means to have holiday to every kind of season.

We wish you a good time!



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